Here are English letters during 2010-2011


Alec Johnson to Huixia Zhu
Huixia Zhu to Alec Johnson I(Chinese, English) , II(Chinese, English)

Yao Bao to Alec Johnson (Chinese, English)
Lin Zhu to Mrs. Wilson
Xueliang Zheng to Mrs. Wilson
Ning Lin to Madeline and Rebecca


Huixia Zhu to Alec Johnson I (Chinese Original)

Respected Johnson Uncle,

When I lift up my pen, preparing [to write] the letter, I don't konw what I should say. Except I appreciate you. Seemingly I have a lot of moods. I even have a lot of words in my mind, but I can't say clearly the reason[?]. So I'm writing the letter in anxiety.

This is the second letter after last year's letter. It's long time, but just like in front of my eyes. Last semester I remember you came to our small town and visited me. After you crossed the Pacific you came to China. You visited me and understood my situation. What you did made my family and me appreciative and touched. A string [of common feeling] connects you and my family — my grandpa and grandma and uncle. Your love crossed time and space. Your love is bunch of red light [in Chinese culture a happy color] in the blue Pacific. Now I'm in grade 3 [of middle school]. After a short winter break, and facing the tension of review and a lot of examination, at last I will face the first crossing [(transition)] of my life: the middle exams [for entrance into high school]. What you did for me not only is pressure but is encouragement. The expectation of my family and your care continually encouraged me through my road. Especially your kindness is the best beautiful view in my road.

Yesterday, I heard that you posted a letter. Although I don't know what you said in the letter, I believe you and I have the same feeling, not only appreciation, but friendship. I send best regards, representing my family. Maybe this kind of words is common, but I still want to say happy New Year, and with happiness around you. A good person has a good end. [A Buddhist sentiment, I think.]


Zhu Hui Xia

2011 January 22

From Huixia Zhu to Alec Johnson II (Chinese Original)

Dear Uncle Johnson,

How are you!

Before Chinese New Year, I was very glad to get your letter. In addition to appreciation, this is my best wishes: thank you for your encouraging and supporting me and my parents. I wish you fortune and happiness in the new year. Another [thing], the hope delivered from your letter is becoming my new target and standard of being a mature person.

In your letter, I think you are satisfied with your China trip in the [last] summer. You understand China and Chinese a lot, in some depth. I hope you will understand us more, and regarding those people who are in greater poverties, please try to do the best of your capability to help them. This is not a strong demand, but a hope. Both to you and the people you assisted, the hearts will be comforted.

Lastly, may you be happy every day. Welcome to China again.

Zhu Hui Xia

2011 February 25


From Yao Bao to Mr. Johnson (chinese original)

Dear Mr. Johnson,

How is it going? I miss you and Xie Bo very much! It is several days before the spring festival, and I wish you and your family happiness and good fortune.

Time flies; suddenly half my third last year in high school has been finished, and there are only four months left before I go to the high school entrance exam "arena". I'm feeling both excited and nervous, and there are some complications [inside me] ha ha :) !!!

All right, in the following report I will report the status of my studies this semester. In the first several months, my life in the senior year was very interesting and exciting; totally new power pushes me to move forward. Once again the fruit of my labor lets me forget the exhaustion and grow new seeds of hope. I was working very hard and making a lot of effort to stay among the top 10 students in the class. The thing that also pleased me was that my name was on the third year student honor roll, one of the best students in my class. All I got could not be got apart from the help and support of you to me. I am so grateful to you!

In the next four months, I will work harder, and maintain the goals of my heart. I will not let down your hope. [From the lyrics of a poem or song]: "No matter whether I will succeed or not, since I have already chosen the destination, I will just keep on going, even through the wind and rain." This is my favorite quote, and I'm approaching [?] this high level of living. I have so much feeling in my heart which I cannot describe by language, so I have to stop here.

Hope we can meet again! [In English:] I'm looking forward to your next visit to China. Yours sincerely,


From Lin Zhu to Mrs. Wilson

Dear Mrs. Wilson:
First, wish you happy New Year, good health and good luck!
I am Lin Zhu, a student in class 2 grade 8 at Xianxia junior high school. I am a girl and I am fifteen years old this year. Because of liver cancer, my father passed away on Feb. 26th, 2000 at the age of twenty-eight when I just had my second birthday. My mother remarried that May. So I live with my old grandparents. We live a hard life. Every year we sell bamboo shoots. However it brings a very low income of 2000 yuan (about 300 dollars). We don't have other incomes. Besides, we are still in debt of more than 20,000 yuan (around 3000 dollars) which we borrowed to try to cure my father’s illness ten years ago. In such a poor family, it is really a dream for me to get education!
Auntie, though I do not do very well in my study now, I will try my best to be a good student: ask questions actively, finish my homework in time and listen attentively in class. I will not let you down. I will make efforts to have good grades at school to repay your generous support.
Auntie, my dream is to be a person like you and to help other poor students to attend school happily!
Auntie, if there is anything wrong or inappropriate about my words above, please correct me. If you have any expectations or requirements of me, please inform me with a letter. Ok, now let’s end this letter here. Talk to you next time. Thanks!
Best Wishes!

The One who cannot forget you: Lin Zhu
Jan 9th, 2011.

From Xueliang Zheng to Mrs. Wilson

Dear Mrs. Wilson:
I hope today finds you well.
These years, your continuous supporting makes me stay at school up to the fourth grade and makes my childhood happier. I sincerely feel grateful to you and I really want to see you! If I were given such an opportunity, I would like to meet you and thank you in person! These years I do well in my study and I will study much harder. I will repay your help and kindness with my good performance. I will live to your expectation and develop morally, intellectually and physically and repay society.
Best Wishes!

The one who feels grateful to you forever: Xueliang Zheng
Jan 10th, 2011.

From Ning Lin to Madeline and Rebecca

Dear Madeline and Rebecca:
Whenever I think about last year, I feel grateful at the bottom of my heart. Your help not only lightens our life burden so that I can devote myself to my study, but also makes my family realize the warmth of society and the beauty of true feelings. Your help and kindness encourage my family to face our life more positively.
I have made great progress this year. In the new year, there will be more challenges and pressures. I will face them positively and study much harder. I believe that as long as I study carefully, I will get a good score in this year’s entrance examination to senior high school. Last year, both my grandpa and my mother became much more aged and their health condition became worse. I began to shoulder more family responsibilities and became more independent. In the new year, I will take more responsibilities, care more about my mother and lighten her heavy burden.
Last year, I took part in more extracurricular activities with my friends, from whom I learned bravery, hospitability and strength. In the future, with my friends I will go to the society to help other people and make contribution to build a harmonious society.
In the past year, there were ups and downs. These difficult situations made me develop in every aspect and grow healthily. I sincerely feel grateful towards your generous help which makes me grow happily and feel the warmth of true feelings. As my friends, you support me, share my happiness and see my growth. Thanks very much.
Wish you good health and prosperity in the new year! Happy New Year!

Your friend: Ning Lin
Jan 18th, 2011.