Lists of Needy Students

All the students we supported are very poor and needy financially. The following stand out even among those very very poor. We seek sponsors for them so that their support will not get cut even in case we don't get enough donations in a given year. Here is suggested annual donation for sponsoring a student: a 1st-9th grader $100+ (800 Yuan RMB), and a high school student $200 (1500 Yuan RMB). We also started to support limited college students (you decide the donation). Please make your donation using Paypal or Credit Card by clicking `Donate' at left column, or send your donation (payable to HEF) to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717


Supported Students in Ningguo City and Jingzhai County, Anhui (in Chinese, together with our partner Zhong Mei Ai Xin)), Yushe County, Shangxi, Huining County, Gansu, and Yiyang County, Jiangxi, China. Please note that the links below are all excel files and you need to download it to open. Sorry about the inconvenience. If you know how to open it without saving, please let me know at Thanks a lot in advance.

Supported Students 2022-23

Supported Students 2021-22

Supported Students 2020-21

Supported Students 2019-20

Supported Students 2018-19 (1376 in 5 regions)

Supported Students 2017-18 (1356 in 5 regions)

Supported students 2016-17 (total 1203 in 4 regions)

Supported Students 2015-16 (total 1025 in three regions)

Support 2014-15 (total 888 in three regions)

Support2013-14 (total 757 in three regions)

Support2012-13 (Ningguo and Jingzhai, Anhui (618) , College Student 2012-13 (59), Selected Photos I, II, Sample Files, I, II, III, more samples









(Due to the inacuracy and loss of infomation that might occur during large amount of translation, we hereby only provide the Chinese version of the students' list. For further information please contact Prof. Tonghai Yang). Dr. Yang has all the files of the students. Unfortunately, he did not have time to translate them all and put them on web. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please ask him, he will provide the detailed information about each student. Here is one example of the student file:

Qing Wang (8th grader in 2010)

Supported Students in Yu She County High School, Shangxi Province.

10th graders---2012(new), 11th graders , 12th graders. Selected Photos. Sample Files I, II

10th graders---2011, 11th graders---2011, 12th graders---2011, group photo.

10th grader list--2010 , 11th grader list-2010, 12th grader list-2010

2010 supported students files (in Chinese, in .zip file) Here is one example: CaiXia Ren (10th, 2010)