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Please make your donation by writing a check payable to The Hometown Education Foundation (HEF), and send it to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717

or simply clicking `Donate' at left column and making your donation using Paypal or Credit Card. Your donation is tax deductible in US and goes to the needy students 100 percent!

If you prefer personal contact, we can make arrangements for you to sponsor one or more students. We hope this will bring you even more personal satisfaction by seeing, first hand, how much of a difference your contribution makes. It costs you

$80+ to sponsor an elementary school student for a year (600 YuanRMB),

$100+ to sponsor a middle school student for a year (800 Yuan RMB), and

$200 to sponsor a high school student for a year (1200 YuanRMB).

Here is how it works. You choose one (or more) needy student to sponsor for a year or more, and send the donation to HEF. We will give the money to the sponsored student and inform him/her of your support. We will report his/her progress to you. If you like, you are more than welcome to be in direct contact with him/her.

Again your help is greatly appreciated and will make a huge impact on the needy young lives. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at or (608) 770-3229.