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On Thursday July 4, volunteers and I visited 6 middle and high school students at their homes in Ningguo. The weather was very coorperative. It was forecasted to have heavy rain but it did not rain until we finish our visits.



The 12th grade boy lives with his sick father and aged grandparents. His mother died when he was 4, and his father had kidney failure (left) and has had dialysis for more than 6 years (3 times a week at the city). His aged grandparents (below)have worked day and night to pay his father's medical bill and make ends meet. He will go to college this Fall and has been sponsored by Mr. Hu. (son of our main volunteer in charge)

This 8th grade girl lives with her aged grandma and her father of 50. Her father has never been in school and does not know how to communicate. Her grandma kept saying that her father was lucky just to live. She has often high temperatue for unknown reasons and feels weak. She is very shy and quiet.



This girl is a 7th grader living with her father and mother. Unfortunately her mother has mental problem and has to use medication to control mood. Because of her mother's problem, her father has to stay home and does some odd jobs locally to support the family. She was outstanding in school (#2 in her grade). She likes to read.


This 8th grade girl lives with her father of 65 and a disabled (retarded) mother of 50. She is talented and is a leader in her grade. She likes drawing, and she has been sponsored by Daisy and her family.

This 9th girl lives with her aged but very smart grandma. Her father went to prison for a fatal car accident when she was 8. Her mother left and remarried, and helped her from time to time. Her grandma of 70 helps at a local grocery store to make ends meet. They rent a room for 100 yuan a month. She will go to Ninggguo High School (best in the city/county) this Fall, and her grandma has already found a way to get cheap rent apartment from government for 100 yuan a month for low income people (pretty amazing to her grandma of 70 from countryside to figure this out). Her father will come out of prison in a couple of years.
This 8th grade boy lives with his aged grandparentssince 2. His father died of disease when he was 2, and his mother left soon after (went back to Qui Zhou). He is very good at Chinese and Sports. Since his home is far from middle school, he stays in school during weekdays. He is an excellent kid although a little quiet.


Letter communication is another important part of this program. Please see


for some of the letters.