Letters (信件)

Letters from students

2022-23 Letters and Annual Report

College: A, B, C, D, F

High School: A1, 2, 3; B1, 2,3; C1, 2, 3

1st-9th graders: A1, 2, B1, 2, C, D, E, F

2020 Summer

College Student Annual Report. Going USTC, Really Poor and Hard Working, Strong, Outstanding

High School Graduate Home Visit: Day 1, Day 2

High School Graduate Letters. Outstanding Page 1,Page 2Hard Working, Touching Page 1, 2, 3

More letters from students are after the following communication between students and sponsors.

communication between students and sponsors

Mr. Weiyong Cheng (程伟勇), a 2nd year college student whom we supported from 5th-12th grade, was inspired to help others and did in last August---teach in extremely rural area in Gui Zhou for 20 days. Check his letters to Mr. Hu (Chinese, English). A quick photo summary is here.

Communication between a 11th grader and her sponsor.

Prof. Chan and his son (3rd grader) visited their sponsored students in Ningguo on Aug. 4-5 (very hot) and here is their essay. Click Here to see some of their visit photos.

Professor Wang to one of his sponsored students Tian Fang: Chinese (with photos), Englsih (photos in Chinese version) . Tian Fang to TJ Wang.

JianE Fashi to Zhao-Jia (Chinese, English)

JianE to Zhang Jingdan, Zhang Jingdan to JianE

College Volunteer's 2012-13 Winter visit to Zhang Zeqian's family (Chinese with photos, English)

College Volunteers' 2012-13 winter work---help us sort out letters to sponsors.

Sheng Huayang's Article (Chinese, English)

Peng Zhao and Nan Meng to their sponsored students Liu Li and Yang Mingyu (2013)

An inspiring letter from a graduate student (2013) (name deleted at request of the donor)

Letters from Students (continued)

2017-18 (winter)

College Students A0(a few letters), A1(Stanford), A2(Chen), A3--Vicky (Chinese, English)

A4(very interesting, she has given up our support but still in touch).

High School: E17088-outstanding(Chinese, English), E17082-excellent, E17118-Wow, B17100-extremelypoor, E17070-SoReal, E17012-tocuhing

Middle School: C17290-Amazing, C17269-special, C17093--outstanding, C17121-Excellent-Real

Elementary School: D17418-reallytouching, D17255-outstanding, D17089-outstanding, D17203-thoughtful

Summer 2017

College Students (annual report)

C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9

High School Graduates

H23-Difference, H13-Heartfelt (page 1, page 2), H-Appreciation, H57-hardworking, H11(page 1, page 2), H21-Exicted (page 1, 2), H-Interaction.

Winter Break 2016-17

College Students: C1(Chinese, English), C2, C3, C4(Both Ch and Eng), C5, C6, C7

High School Students: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8(Chinese, English), H9,

Middle School Students: M1, M2, M3

Elementary School Students: E1, E2(Chinese, English), E3, E4, E5, E6,

Summer 2016

Selected College students: 1-Shi, 2-ZhuJ, 3-ZhuL, 4-Zhao, 5-Yang.

Selected High School graduates: 6-Huang (1, 2), 8-Gong, 9-Xiang, 10-Yihong.

Summer and Fall 2015

Selected college students in Thanksgivings and Xmas.

selected college student annual report (11 reports)

High School graduates: YeGuowei-Wang-Tang (Chinese, English), HuDan-Tang (Reply),

Baofeng Zhu (Chinese, English)


YangYong, ZhouMan-Xu, ChengYuanyuan-LiSi, PanWei, XieHong-Cheng-Chen, LiDanyan-Xu,



High School Students (3 letters each file): Cheng-Lu-Huang, Guo-Liu-Ma,

Mao-Sheng-Wang, Yi-Yuan-Yang, Zhao-Zhou-Zhu

Midddle School Students (3 letters each file): Deng-Du-Fu, Gao-Li-Ma,

Giu-Zai-Zhang, Wu-Lu, Yu-Zhang-Zhang.

Elementary School Students: Cheng-Huang-Jin, Huang-Peng-Sheng, Zhong-Xiao-Yuan

High School Graduates

Zhang Yan Qiu I, II, III, IV, Yang Chen Cheng-Andi I, II, III

College Students.

Qiu Dengyun--Li Wenwei (Chinese, English), Li-Feihong-Chen Shuangllin (Chinese, English)

ShiXiaojing-Julia (Chinese, English), Wang Hui-Iris

High School

BaiYang-NieWang-Yushe, ZhaoYuting-Yang-YuShe

Winter, 2013-14

High School Students.

Miaomiao-Baker(Page1page 2, English), Hao -Vicky (Page 1, Page 2, English)

Qian-Li and Liao (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3), JiakeXiaoying, Huizhi

Chengchen-Yan (Page 1, Page 2), Baofeng -Yang and Chen (Page 1, Page 2

Hong -Cheng and Chen (page 1, Page 2), Ting-Zhang (page 1, Page 2), Qian-Hu(page 1, 2)

Middle School Students

Lu-Shi and Zhou (Page 1 and 2), Jingdan-Fashi (page 1, and 2),

Tianji-Ma and Li (Page 1, and 2, Page 3)

Liyuan-Huang and Xu(Page 1 and 2), Sichen-Li (page 1, page 2)

Elementary School Students:

Zhuyan-Pan (page 1 and 2), Wenxin-Kirmak (page 1, page 2, English)

HuaHuan-Wu (page 1 and 2), Zihan-Zhang (page 1, page 2)

Lang-Hu, Zai-Yang, Zhongning-Mai




Fall, 2013, Jing Zhai High School, Anhui)


Yuan Lei to Li Hong (10th, I , II)), Liu Li to Zhao and Meng (11th, I, II)

Xiang Zheng to Li Chao and Li Peng (10th, I, II, III), Pan Wei (11th, I, II)

Fall 2013 (new, from YuShe High School, Shangxi)

Feng Yudan (12th), Wu Xiaoyin (12th, English), Shi Xiaojin to Iris and Laura (12th), Five more letters.

Liu Si (11th), Liu Jiayuan (11th), Lu Xiangnan (11th),

Summer 2013 (New)

Yan Rui's Letter to Mr. Hu. (I, II, English, Photo), Yang Mei to Mr. Hu (both Chinese and English)

Wang ZhaoTing to Li Chi (I, II, English, Photo), Wan Lu to Tian Ye

Wu Yan to Yan Chao and Liu Suxing (I, II, III)

College Students' Reports (file, summary link)

Winter 2013 (New)

Zhang Teng to Su (English, Chinese Page 1, Page 2, He and his mother starts to support us)

Liu Li (English, Chinese), Yang Mingyu (English, Chinese), Chen Yuanyuan-Li Si (English, Chinese)

Xu Yue (English, Chinese)

High School 1, High School 2, High School 3, High School 4, High School 5

Middle School 1, Middle School 2, Middle School 3,

Elementary School 1, Elementary School 2, Elementary School 3, Elementary School 4

Summer 2012 College Bound high school graduates.

Zhang Teng-to-Su (English, Chinese Page 1, Page 2), Yang Liu-Xie (English, Chinese)

ChengLI-Shi, ChengLiMother-to-Shi, Fang Le -to -Chen (Page 1, page 2, page 3)

PanWo-to-Qiu (page 1, page 2), SongYuBao-Ge (page 1, page 2)

Sun Ting to Xiao (page 1, page 2), Ye Qing to Zhou (page 1, Page 2), Wan Lu to Tian

Wang Lujuan's essay, Li Wenjie's essay,

Sun Ting's essay


Winter, 2011-12

Some English Translations (mainly letters to non-Chinese speakers)

Adems, Baker, Walker, Das, Dutta, From Guowei Ye


High School Students (Ning Guo, Chinese), One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Middle School (Chinese) , One , Two, Three

Elementary School (Chinese), One, Two, Three, Four

YuShe High School (Yushe, Chinese): One, Two, Three, Four,

Summer 2011(new, from high school graduates)

2011 College Students List (supported by us)

Unforgetful meeting (Yan Limin), Starting with thanks (Zhulu)

Three years with your support (Wang Miao), My feeling (Yang Mei)

Caring (Yang Han), Zhulu-to-Yu

Lizongzong-to-Tu, Yangyuan-to-Tang

WangMiao-to-Shi, Chengzhuan-to-Yang

Chengli-to-Shi, Huyi-to-Walter


Spring 2011(new)

High School 1, High School 2.

Middle School 1, Middle School 2, Middle School 3

Elementary School 1, Elementary School 2.

English Letters/Translations

Liu Hua's letter to Student Wang Yang



Summer 2010

College or Future College Students (essays and letters):

Zeting Chen, Limin Yan, Shuang Yang, Dongyang Qiu, Zhiyuan Wang (English Translation), Jia Jiang (English Translation)

Click here for profiles of the six high school students admitted to college this year.

Shanghai World Expo (sponsored by Mr. Zhou and Ms. Shi in Nanjing): (for Chinese Video)

Wenjie Li, Ting Wang, Dan Zhou, Huachao Wang, Others

UW-Madison Volunteers (Chinese and English): (for Chinese News Video click here)

Chaowei Pan, Cheng Chen, Chris Shen


Middle School Students 1
Middle School Students 2
Middle School Students 3
Middle School Students 4
Middle School Students 5
Middle School Students 6
High School Students 1
Elementary School Students 1
Elementary School Students 2
Elementary School Students 3


Elementary School Students 1
Elementary School Students 2
Elementary School Students 3
Middle School Students 1
Middle School Students 2
High School Students 1
High School Students 2


High School Student 1
High School Students 2-5
Middle School Letters
Elementary School Letters


高树明 给 李驰和颜慧华夫妇
明霞 给 黄宏年
徐双月 给 朱军勇和Lu Yana 夫妇
韩奇 给 李微 和 潘友夫妇
潘揩乔 给 Adem 夫妇
晏励民 给 励建书和廖润澜夫妇
何欢 给 匿名资助 者
任佳 给 Adem 夫妇
杨玉婷 给 Adem 夫妇
刘源涛 给 刘华和李峰夫妇
吴洋洋 给 颜超和刘苏星 夫妇




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Letters from students(in English)




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Letters from donors and others

Mrs. Liu Hua's letter to Yang Wang (last) (2011, Chinese)

Mrs. Hua Liu and Mr. Feng Li's letter to Yuantao Liu (2009, Chinese)
Mrs. Hua Liu and Mr. Feng Li's letter to Yang Wang (2009, Chinese)
Dr. Xun Jiang's letter to Guilan Dan (2008)(Chinese)
Dr. Xun Jiang's letter to Xing Zhou (2008)(Chinese)
Mr. JianJun Wang's letter to Guowei Ye (2008)(Chinese)
Dr. Xun Jiang's letter to Xing Zhou (Chinese)
Jasmine Yan's Essay (what to do if you win a lottery, homework)

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