Donors' Lists 2006

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Please make your donation by writing a check payable to The Hometown Education Foundation (HEF), and send it to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717

Please be assured that your entire donation goes to the needy students 100 percent. Your donation is tax deductible in US. The following is a list of donors in 2009 with donation.

We will update the donor list on the web periodically (together with donation amount) to show our appreciation of your generous help and the openness of the process. If you prefer to keep your donation anonymous, please let us know. We will keep it that way.
 If you prefer personal contact, we can make arrangements for you to sponsor one or more students. We hope this will bring you even more personal satisfaction by seeing, first hand, how much of a difference your contribution makes. It costs you

$60 to sponsor an elementary school student for a year,

$80 to sponsor a middle school student for a year, and

$150 to sponsor a high school student for a year.

Here is how it works. You choose one (or more) needy student to sponsor for a year or more, and send the donation to HEF. We will give the money to the sponsored student and inform him/her of your support. We will report his/her progress to you. If you like, you are more than welcome to be in direct contact with him/her.

Again your help is greatly appreciated and will make a huge impact on the needy young lives. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at or (608) 263-4219.

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December 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Patrick Ahern & Katherine Ahern 400 12/27/06 Wisconsin
Interest 68 12/20/06 Wisconsin
Transmart Technologies, Inc. 60 12/18/06 Wisconsin
Lawrence Washington 500 12/12/06 Maryland
Fan M. Lok & May F. Ho 200Sponsor Liang-Hong, Fang (A18) and Shi-Bao Wang (C46) 12/11/06 New Jersey
Xincun Huang & Weiyuan Kao 100 12/10/06 Wisconsin
David Yen Jao 150 12/09/06 Washington
Brian Platnick & Bryna Kra 50 12/08/06 Illinois
GoodSearch 69.25 12/07/06 California
Tianjun Li & Jianling Yuan 75 12/06/06 Minnesota
Bo Su 100 12/05/06 Iowa
Gang Yu 80 12/04/06 Ohio
John Yin & Teresa Lau 50 12/03/06 Wisconsin
Wee Gan 500 12/02/06 California
Ying-Qing Wu & Lin Ding 200 12/01/06 Iowa
Subtotal 2602.25    
Total for Year 06 17222.25    

November 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
J. Robbin 500 11/22/06 Wisconsin
Nai-Hwa Family/Dr. Hong-Guang Wang 1000 11/22/06 WI/China
Robert and Elsie Wilson 75 11/07/06 Wisconsin
J. Ellenberg and T. Schlam 50 11/01/06 Wisconsin
Subtotal 1625    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 14620   

October 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Donald & Marjorie Ann Passman 100 10/03/06 Wisconsin
Jayce Getz 60 10/04/06 Wisconsin
Yongming Zhou & Lan Shao 50 10/08/06 Wisconsin
Jasmine Yan 210Sponsor two middle school students 10/09/06 New Jersey
Chao Yan & Suxing Liu 175Sponsor Miao Zhou (B27) and Yang Wu (C22) 10/09/06 New Jersey
Yongxin Zhou 90 10/10/06 Wisconsin
Anonymous 150 10/16/06 Wisconsin
Subtotal 835    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 12995   

September 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Shorewood Preschool 200 09/08/06 Wisconsin
Yannan Qiu 500 09/15/06 Wisconsin
Heng Zhang & Chun Liu 600 09/24/06 Pennsylvania
Jianyun Meng & Lieying Wang 200 09/25/06 New Jersey
Hu 400Sponsor Yang Cheng, Jing Zhang, Wei Du and Cao Wang 09/25/06 New Jersey
Jingsong Chai 100Sponsor Ning Gao (C39) and Li Cheng (C123) 09/27/06 Ohio
Subtotal 2000    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 12160   

August 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Shorewood Preschool 60 08/04/06 Wisconsin
Stephen Miller 500 08/09/06 New York
Hui Zhu 50 08/29/06 New York
Subtotal 610    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 10160    

July 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Mattew G Boylan 75 07/03/06 South Carolina
Akshay Venkatesh 150 07/20/06 New Jersey
Chi Li & Huihua Yan 150Continue sponsoring Hui Huang (B19) 07/22/06 Wisconsin
Subtotal 375    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 9550    

June 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Microsoft Giving Campaign (Matching Dennis Charles�� donation) 25 06/01/06 Washington
Xiaoqing Li 80 06/01/06 New York
Rohit Chatterjee 50 06/01/06 New York
Xiaodong Cao 50 06/01/06 New York
William McGraw & Kathleen McGraw 50 06/04/06 New Jersey
Mu-Tao Wang & Chi-Huei Lu 50Sponsor Miao-Miao Liu (C23) 06/06/06 New Jersey
Shanlai Lu & Andi Yan 150Continue sponsoring Li Yan (2049) 06/13/06 Maryland
Yun He 150Sponsor Xu Cheng (C120), Zhi-Hui Yu (C81) and Xing Jiang (C95) 06/24/06 Illinois
Thomas Bixby & Lynne Sullivan 400Continue sponsoring five middle school students Fang Cheng (B10), Long-Fang Zhao (B79), Xiao Fan(B54), Chang-An Wang (B6, 1024) and Jiahui Yu (B33) 06/26/06 Wisconsin
Subtotal 1005    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 9175    

May 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Wen Liu & Kefeng Liu 100 05/01/06 California
Bingbiao Fang & Tao Zheng 200Continue sponsoring Guo-Wen Lan (C138), Jing Li (C99), Lin Guo (C84) and Ye Kuang(C121) 05/03/06 California
Song Guo 50Continue sponsoring Jie Xiao (C117) 05/03/06 New York
Jing Li and Xin Wang 50Continue sponsoring Huilin Chen (C79) 05/07/06 Wisconsin
Alexjandro Adem & Melania Alvarez Adem 560Continue sponsoring Jia Ren (C51), Yu-Ting Yang (C1), Kai-Qian Pan (C54), Qing Cheng (C12), Yangming Hu (C10), Yuefeng Liu (C119) and Linjun Fan (A03) 05/12/06 Wisconsin
Madeline and Rebecca Walker 100Continue sponsoring Lin Lin(C22) 05/13/06 Nebraska
You Pan & Wei Li 100Continue sponsoring Yuli Zhang (C105) and Qi Han(C37) 05/13/06 Illinois
Jun Zhai & Binbin Tan 80Continue sponsoring Yang Niu (B15) 05/13/06 California
Gaoyong Zhang & Meihua Dan 100 05/15/06 New Jersey
Wenzheng Huang & Xiaohua Gong 150 05/15/06 New Jersey
Dale Wilson 100Continue sponsoring Can Jiang (C149) and Lin Zhu (C144) 05/23/06 Wisconsin
Madison Hope Chinese School 200 05/23/06 Wisconsin
Wei Zhu 50 05/24/06 New York
Subtotal 1840    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 8170   

April 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Yingchun Xu & Xiaofang Sun 210Continue supporting Hui Wang (C40) from Iris & Laura Xu, Yunjie Lin (C4) and Jingjing Hu (C21) 04/02/06 Wisconsin
Gloria Chuang R. 50 04/02/06 Wisconsin
Ze Li Dou & Susan Staples 200 04/02/06 Texas
Jun Chen 200 04/04/06 Wisconsin
Siu-Hung Ng & Ling Hong 100 04/04/06 Iowa
Anonymous 50 04/05/06 Pennsylvania
Xianhui Yang & Jun Han 200 04/06/06 Minnesota
Zhiwei Sun 80Supporting Xia-Ping Ni (B18) 04/07/06 Wisconsin
Elizabeth Askey & Richard Askey 200 04/12/06 Wisconsin
Dinghui Ye & Wei Zhou 250Continue supporting Qian Zhou (C87), Jin Zhang (C124) and Fan Xu (B35) 04/14/06 California
Anonymous 200 04/15/06 Virginia
Antonia Rohlfing 50 04/16/06 Wisconsin
Eugene Zhu Xia 200 04/17/06 Taiwan
Sigurd Angenent & Gloria Mari-Beffa (for Vicky & Nicolaas) 130Continue sponsoring Shan Gao (C17) (on behalf of Nicolaas) and Hao Liu (C59) (on behalf of Vicky) 04/20/06 Wisconsin
Ali Godjali 100 04/24/06 California
Subtotal 2220    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 6330   

March 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Feng Li & Hua Liu 300(150 - Continue supporting Yuantao Liu (B59), 100 - sponsoring Yang Wang (C32, $25 from Ethan Li), 50 - General donation) 03/01/06 Minnesota
Romeliza Villegas & Jintai Ding 50 03/01/06 Ohio
Junyong Zhu & Yana Lu 80Continue supporting Yue Xu (C11, 1116) 03/02/06 Wisconsin
Shorewood Preschool 90 03/07/06 Wisconsin
Shou-Wu Zhang & Min Tang 200 03/07/06 New Jersey
Lin Zhang 50Continue supporting Hua Yang (C25) 03/07/06 Missouri
Anonymous 50 03/08/06 Maryland
Holly Swisher 50 03/08/06 Ohio
David Rohrlich 100 03/08/06 Massachusetts
Hui Xu & Yufei Cheng 240Continue supporting Shao-Jun Yang (C50) , DengLu Fang (C131) and Chen-Yan Ke (B28) 03/12/06 Wisconsin
Antun Milas 30 03/13/06 New York
Chenguang Fan & Jin Li 50sponsoring Ming-Zhi Pan (C74) from William Fan 03/17/06 Virginia
Jens Funke & Antonia Casellas 50 03/18/06 New Mexico
Anonymous 80Continue supporting Ying-Hao Xu (C5, 1009) 03/22/06 Michigan
Subtotal 1420    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 4110    

February 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Xun Jiang & Qing Yuan 130Continue supporting Guilai Dan (C35) and Xin Zhou (C75) 02/01/06 California
Jennifer Johnson & Fok-Yan Leung 100 02/09/06 Massachusetts
Xiuxiong Chen & Holly Chen 200Continue supporting Li Pan (A13) 02/09/06 Wisconsin
Jian-Shu Li & Ren-Lan Liao 250Continue supporting Jinping He (C129) and XLiming Yan (A02) 02/10/06 Hong Kong
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program (Matching Kristin Lauter��s donation) 100 02/10/06 Washington
Xiaowu Zhang & Hong Lin 120Continue supporting Yu Jin (C14), Ting Zhu (C113), Chong-Hu Deng (C65) and Xu-Peng Nie (A11) 02/14/06 Michigan
Subtotal 900    
Total for Year 06 (so far) 2690    

January 2006

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Donor Amount Date Address
Thomas Bixby & Lynne Sullivan 400Supporting five middle school students. Fang Cheng (B10), Long-Fang Zhao (B79), Xiao Fan(B54), Chang-An Wang (B6, 1024) and Jiahui Yu (B33) 01/02/06 Wisconsin
Joel Robbin 250 01/03/06 Wisconsin
Tonghai Yang 200 01/06/06 Wisconsin
Xiaowu Zhang & Hong Lin 250Continue supporting Yu Jin (C14), Ting Zhu (C113), Chong-Hu Deng (C65) and Xu-Peng Nie (A11) 01/08/06 Michigan
Jin-Yi Cai & Walter Cai 120Continue supporting Yi Hu (B77) 01/13/06 Wisconsin
Hongnian Huang 50Continue supporting Xia Ming (C6) 01/16/06 Wisconsin
Anonymous 300Continue supporting Zhiyong Yu (B56), Qia Wang (B70) and Feihong Li (C57) 01/17/06 Wisconsin
Chi Li & Huihua Yan 220Continue supporting Shu-Ming Gao (A15) 01/22/06 Wisconsin
Subtotal 1790