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An article about this visit by Mr. Hu Jining (English translation by Ms Lianlian Wu)

On Saturday June 11, a rainy day, Mr. Hu Jining (the person in charge in Ningguo), Mr. Peng Dening (volunteer driver), principle of Fang Tang School (1-9th grade) who stays in school during weekdays and stays in city with his family during the weekend, and I drove at 8am to the Fang Tang School and arrived there close to 10am. Mr. Wang (teacher volunteer in charge of the activities in the school) is waitin

Feihong Li is in 9th grade in 2010-11. He would take the high school extrance exam to get to high school two days later. Her father became sick when she was one and died when she was four. She now lives with her mother (56) and her step-father (the onev sitting back) of 68 (starting about 2 years ago). Her parents work hard on their `veg. oil factory' (they are the oly employees) to support the family, which is not easy. She likes science courses and drawing. She hopes to become an entrepreneur. She also said that when her English is good enough, she will try to write her sponsor in English. She has been sponsored since Elem. school by Drs. Shuanglin Chen and Xiaoya Ding.

g there with web pants. He biked to school under heavy rain. We went to three students home to visit the students and their families. I also visited Huang Gand School on Monday June 13 to see Shan Zhou and Linjin Shi, two students we supported. The following are some information about this visit. My visit to Ningguo Vocational High School is here.


Yan Fu was born in 1995 and is in 9th grade during 2010-11. Her father died of accident 3 years ago, and her mother remarried about one year ago. Her mother works at home and her father does some carpentry work when the farm workmis not busy. According to the teacher and the principle, her mother has some mental problem although I did not see it while talking with her. She is a little more agressive than usual, I did notice. She has been sponsored by Mr. Li Jiming in Jiang Shu Province.


Zhou Mingyao and Her Sister

Above (Left: Mingyao Zhou, her principle, and me. Right: also her mom and her older sister)

Mingyao is a 5th grader and very quiet but she is very cute when smiling. Her father died 4 years ago and her mother remarried about two years ago. She now lives with her step father, her mother, her older sister (above). She is very good at math and Sprint. She is also awarded `all round outstanding student' (a top honor for a student). There are quite a few awards paper (of hers) on the wall. Her older sister had just finished her college extrance exam. Her parents grow mushrooms (very hard job actually) and make about 20000 yuan a year in a good year. They are hard working parents. Supporting two kids (especially one in high school) has been very challenging. Her father's death also l left some debts.

Above (Left: Teacher Wang with web pants at Mingyan Zhou's house. Right: Driver Mr. Deng (front), Mr. Hu and the principle while Teacher Wang tried to find which house is Mingyan Wang's, the heavy rain caused a little flood which made the view quite interesting although some fields (not many) were unfortunately under water).

Shan Zhou was born in December 1997 and is in 7th grade at a private school during 2010-11. She has been there since 2009 free and the school also gave her mom a job (helping students taking care of themselves in daily life). She is in top 5 in her class of 32 (she was number one in her class last year). Her father died of stomach cancer when she was very young. Her mom also supports her mom's mom. She likes geography but a little afraid of biology. She is one of the most sunny midschoolers we supported and I met. Typically a midschool girl I met is very conscious of her family situation and quiet and shy. But she looked at me and said to me that she saw my picture at the photo book our partner Zhong Mei Ai Xin just published. I talked with her quite pleasantly and encourage her to continue to be active and be confident of herself. However her priciple (above) told me that she was very nervous last Fall when she had stomach ache often and worried that she might have the same disease causing her father's death. The school and her mom took her to doctors and mental doctors to help her out. She has been sponsored by Caroline Zhou, a little gir herself.

The private school is quite special and was founded by investors and teachers in Huang Gang, Hu Bei Province (quite famous for their top performance in math and science olympics) two years ago. They have grade 1 to 9 with over 600 students right now. The students have to be full time in school 7 days a week and 27 days a month. There are three days (all at the same time) which the students go home. It is a boardin school. The students need to take care of themselves including washing clothes (5 graders and above) and making their own beds, with help of workers like Shan Zhou's mom. The main teacher of each class eats with the students. Students get up at 6 (6:30am in the morning) and do jogging and other exercises. They sleep by 10:30pm and elementary school students need to be earlier. No teachers are from Ningguo. The principle explained that a local teacher has a lot of connections which could make the situation complicated. I was also impressed by the way they receive us---just one person and just hot water. The price is quite expensive though with 14000 yuan a year. They took two students we supported for free. Another student is Lin-Jin Shi who was sick that day and went to see a doctor that afternoon. He has been sponsored by Guoyi Xu