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On August 11-17, I went to my hometown to visit my family and poor kids. On August 13, we visited 4 upcoming new college students at their homes. On Saturday, August 18, we have a meeting with about 30 college students (old and new) to talk about this charity and college life, as well as give them financial aid in person.


This girl, an upcoming college student born in 1995. She lives with her father and 80 years old grandma at a very old house in a very rural area. She has kidney problems, needs to go to Shanghai semi-regularly for it. Two years, she stopped school for a semester for her kidney problem. Her grandma can not walk long (leg problem). She was supported by us since 9th grade after her mom died of cancel. Since they were too poor, they had to give up her younger sister to someone else after her mom died. They are all visibly very sad (her dad's eyes were full of tears) when her aunt mentioned it. Fortunately, her younger sister is good hand and is allowed to keep contact with them. She was very disppointed to only got into a 2nd class university. Her usual grades is around 1st class university. Well, college extrance exam is risky for students. I talked with her about it being just another starting point. It does not decide one's future. She feels much better afterwards. She is very smart.




This girs will go to a 2nd class university starting art and drawing. Her case is simply unfortunate. Her mom got really sick a few years and has never fully recovered. Three years ago, her father got really sick and had to do a surgery in Shanghai. Two years ago, her grandma got really sick. This Spring, her father's leg got cut 8cm. Despite all these, her father seems optimistic and a very able person. She is sponsored by Wenwei Li. They rent this room for 110 Yuan a month for the convenience of her sister studying at school.


This girl will go to a 3 year college studying medication. She was born in 1996. Her father died long time ago in a coal mine (when she was 3). Her mom worked very hard to raise her on her own---hard and impressive. Her mom now works odd jobs at local restaurant. They lived in a cheap rent apartment of 40 square meters provided by the goverment. Her reason to study medicine is simple---keep family safe and healthy.

This girl, born in 1996, will go to a first class university. She lives with her parents. Her father never recovered from a 2003 car accident and can not work. Even worse, her father started to have more and more often sudden mental problem (lapse). One recent accident hurt his eyes and had to go to hospital. Her mom works at a local factory.





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