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On Friday, June 19, Mr. Hu and I met with 33 of about 50 high school graduates in Ningguo to talk about how to choose colleges (complicated) and how to survive and succeed in college. I also chat with a few students afterwards individually at the meeting room (belongs to the Department of Education). Here are a few. More are at 2015 Summer 3



This girl lives with her parents. Her father has had kidney failure and has been doingg dianalysis (twice a week)---expensive and making you really tired. She has been sponsored by Ms Hu since 2007.









This girl lives her parents (farmers) and her older sister. Unforunately her older sister endured a serious injury as a kid and has had endured a lot of surgeries and is deaf. She has been sponsored by Drs. Chen and Ding.


This girl lives with her parents. Her mom has bone/brain cancer and has become disabled.

This girl lives with her parents, her grandpa, and her older sister. Both her mom and her grandpa are disabled. Fortunately, her older sister has just graduated from colege and has found a job. Life will get better in a couple of years. She has been sponsored by Xu Yingchun family.



This girl lives with her grandma, her parents, her little brother(disabled), and an uncle. His father has been sick for a while. She has been supported by us since 4th grade.


Letter communication is another important part of this program. Please see


for some of the letters.