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Here are some more photos related to our visit to Yushe. On the other hand, we talked with some students individually in school (forgetting to photo them). Here are a few cases I recorded.

Student Z: She lost her parents when very young and has lived with her uncle's family ever since. Her uncle has daughter just graduated from college and is preparing another try to graduate school. Her uncle has another daughter in 6th grader. Both her uncle and aunt are close to 50 and work odd jobs to support three daughters (including her). She knows what she wants and what she is good at, and seems confident and good at communication. She got the best score in her school in college entrance exam in Wen Ke, and hopes to get into Beijing Foreign University---she likes English and wants to go Beijing.

Student Z2: Another 12th grader ready for college. She got almost 60 points over 1st class university score line. She lives with her parents and a brother in 9th grade (going to high school next Fall). Her mother has some several surgery and does not speak clearly anymore. Her father is an old worker in a local factory (one of the three biggest) and is close to 50. Despite the difficulty, she decides to give up our support next Fall so we can support even poorer student. What an amazing girl!

Student X: She lives with her parents and a little brother in 7th grade at a rented room (200 Yuan a month). Her father does odd jobs to support the family and has some back problem. She will go to a first class university next Fall and decided to give up our support. Another amazing girl!

Student F: Another amazing girl willing to give up our support as her family situation has improved. She lives with her grandma and her parents. Her father had a very serious disease a couple of years, costing the family a fortune and is still not in good health. Her mom has her tiny business to support the family (个体)。 She will go to a first class university to study literature next Fall.

Student Y: She lives with her mom and her younger sister in 6th grade. Her father died in 2009, an her mom has cancer. She is in 10th grade (11th next Fall). She has been supported by Zhang.

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Surprised and amused to see Mao's Big Portrait

Talk with students individually in classroom.

Student Y2: She is a12th grader who did not get into college this year but hopes to try again next year (pretty close to 2nd class university score line). She lives with her brother who is also a 12th grader ready for college. They live in Yushe City but her mom does not have work and has serious back pain problem. Her father had stroke and still needs medication every day.

Student Z3: Another student barely missed the 2nd class university score line. She lives with her father as her mom died two years ago of cancer with a lot of debt. She wants to be a Chinese teacher someday.

Student W: The third student who did not get into 2nd class university barely. She lives with her parents, a sistern in 11th grade, and a brother in 6th grade. Her mother has often headache and hands shaking. Her father does odd jobs to support the family. Tough!


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