Does Hometown Education Foundation: Yearly Financial Summary

Yearly Financial Summary

For balance sheet: balance.html, for donor list, donorlistsince2014.html

This year, we have received $43091 from 145 donations by January 20. We will update it periodically.

Last year, we received $548974 with 3083 donations and 180066 CNY wth 132 generous donation. We are able to supportjust 1305 poor students during 2023-24. See below for our annual summaries.

Our support makes a real difference to the poors and inspires them to do better and be more confident.

Please support us and encourage your friends to support us too. Word of mouth is very important to us. Please make your donation by clicking `Donate' at left column using Paypal or Credit Card. you are more than welcome to send your donation (payble to HEF) to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717

If you like to sponsor a student or more, please contact Dr. Yang ( It is pretty simple and gives you personal connection to the students.

Year 2004-15 2016 2017 2018 2019   2020 2021 2022 2023 Total
Donation($1000) 636.3 179.6 197.3 210.1 234.6   319.5 407.2 444.6 549.0 3175.3
#of supp students 7309 1225 1356 1376 1412   1441 1336 1352 1305 18112
year 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Subtotal
Donation ($1000) 8.5 12.1 17.2 25.9 28.3 39.2 48.2 58.2 60.3 70.2 102.6 165.6 636.3
# of Supp Students 223 256 390 471 596 621 667 697 718 757 888 1025 7309

Here is a brief summary of HEF 2023 Activities

  1. We distributed $333693 to our partner ZMAX to support 1305 poor students, including 330 elementary school students, 332 middle school students, 405 high school students, and 238 college students. Originally, we expected to support about 60 high  students from Hui Ning High School (Gansu)---40 previously supported plus 20 freshmen. They decided not to collaborate with us anymore, likely because they have got a lot of support from government and other resources.
  2. We received 3083 donation with subtotal $548974 donation; 683 more donation and about $100K more donation in dollars. In addition, we received 180066 CNY donation with 141  donation.
  3. We received over  $65K donation from Microsoft’s October annual giving campaign. Hui Yang did a great work  during Microsoft’s October Campaign. In  particular, he and Li Tian organized a campaign for helping female students, which will support about 100 poor female students.  He  organized another campaign event which I gave an introduction about HEF.  We sent campaign emails/WeChat every couple of days during the campaign period.
  4. Yeqing Li did a great job during Google’s Credit Giving Campaign this year again, and raised about $237K ($100K over last year) with close to 900 donation. In addition to pre-campaign preparation, he also did some video promotion. We sent campaign emails/WeChat every other day during the campaign period, and every day during last three days.
  5. Our partner Zhong Mei Ai Xin had a meeting with high school graduates in early August as usual to talk about their college study and life. Past experience indicates that it is good for them in college.
  6. Our partner volunteers visited   quite a few new college students’ home  in July to  check their family situation and decide the support level (if any) in college. This year,  two of our former students did independent visits to students in addition to our main volunteer there.
  7. Another former student 王苗 took a couple of her friends in Shanghai to visit poor students in Ningguo and convinced them to support us.
  8. We  continued to use a Sorge CPA company to do our annual financial review. They charged $2500 for 2022. We paid $1250 last year for deposit, and will need to pay another $1250 this year.
  9.  We continue to collaborate with 远见教育基金会 about their fellowship (8000 CNY + advice) to support 4 new college students.
  10.  At request of some donors, we counted the ratio of female/male students  we support this year: 132:100. More female students. The ratio is bigger for college students for unknown reason.
  11. Finally, we hope to extend our services to Ningguo County’s neighboring counties and help more poor students with your support and help.  Please continue to support us and encourage your friends and others to support us too. Word of mouth is critical to us.  Together we do make a difference!


Here is a brief summary of HEF 2022 Activities
  1. We distributed $327000 to our partner ZMAX to support 1352 poor students, including 345 elementary school students, 307 middle school students, 463 high school students, and 237 college students.
  2. We received $444598 with 2406 generous donation and 199340 CNY wth 149 generous donation. We are able to supportjust 1352 poor students during 2022-23
  3. We increased support of a high school student from 1200 CNY a year to 1500 CNY a year (extreme case 2000 CNY).
  4. We added a new high school (叶集中学) to our service area thanks to effort of Gong Feifei, a former student and now a teacher at this high school.
  5. Our partner Zhong Mei Ai Xin had a meeting with high school graduates in early August as usual  to talk about their college study and life. Past experience indicates that it is good for them in college.
  6. Our partner volunteers visited   quite a few new college students’ home to  check their family situation and decide the support level (if any) in college.
  7. Our Partner ZMAX  had leadership change early this year. Founding director 胡寄宁 retired officially and was replaced by 郭定霞. 胡老师 continues to help part time. Their board had also changed and have now three of our former students in the board---they actually help.
  8. Another former student 王苗 founded our public WeChat account and has already published several interesting articles.
  9. Yang Hui did an outstanding job in fundraising at Microsoft’s annual Giving Month activity. In the end, we have raised $76000 donation during this campaign despite difficult situation in this year.
  10.  Li Yeqing did an outstanding job in Google’s annual credit giving campaign during Nov 7-17, and we raised $135K this year, better than last year’s.  Yeqing recruited interns one-by-one to donate their credits. It is hard to reach them, and they don’t know whether/how they  had credits to donate.
  11. We hired a Sorge CPA company to do our annual financial review. They charged $5000 for 2020 and 2021 review (do two years at the same time). Originally we wanted to charge $3500 a year for our financial a year.  I negotiated with them and finally got them to agree $2500 a year recently.
 We continue to collaborate with 远见教育基金会 about their fellowship (8000 CNY + advice). Last year was the first year, they chose 3 of our students to support (November). This year (application in August and final decision in early October), they supported 6 new students. They should decide on whether to continue to support last year’s three soon. One of the students they supported decided to become a PhD student in USTC this year (last year was first year master student).  The advising will be really helpful if doing right.


          Here is a brief summary of HEF 2021 Activities

  1. This year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31) we received $407195 from 2110 donation, 220726 Yuan CNY from 67 donation, and another 43118  Yuan CNY  Chinese New Year `红包‘ from 92 persons.
  2. This year (Sept 1 2021-Aug. 31 2022), we sent our partner `Zhong Mei Ai Xin‘ $268960 1734185.51 yuan CNYto support 1334 poor students, including 223 college students, 476 high school students, 311 middle school students, and 326 elementary school students.
  3. 40 college students graduated this year with 7 going to graduate schools, 3 preparing to try again for graduate admission test, and the rest got jobs.
  4. About 120 high school students graduated. Among them about 100 went to college and we continued to support 60 of them. 3 students from 3 year college got into regular universities.
  5. In October, we had a successful fundraising at Microsoft’s Annual Giving Month led by Hui Yangwith $84K donation and Microsoft matching.
  6. During November 8-19, we had a very successful fundraising at Google’s Credit giving campaign led by Yeqing Li and received $131K donation via Google credit and employee donation. Another $10K employee donation and Google match will come in January 2022.
  7. Because of this year’s successful fundraising, we will increase every high school’s support from 1200 Yuan to 1500 Yuan RMB a year.
  8. A group of volunteers, led by  Huidong Gao, Suyi Liu, and Miao wang,  are working on revising/improving our web, setting up a public WeChat Account, and promoting the charity in Bay Area of California.
  9. Thanks to help of Hui Yang, we now have a coordinator at Apple (Lei) and Oracle (Wei Gao). They will help us promote this program at their companies. If you are willing to help us promote this program at your company/institution, please contact Prof. Yang at



Summary of 2020

  1. We sent $210K early this year to our partner ZMAX(中美爱心)----1469675 CNY。 Together with their funding, we support 1441 poor students, including 249 college students, 395 high school students, and 721 1st-9th graders.
  2. This year we have received $318453 generous donation from 2220 donations, which is much higher than last year’s $234612 with 1701 generous donation. In addition, Dr. Yang also raised 124213CNY from 116 generous donation in RMB.
  3. The Covid-19 has caused a lot of pain and problems for so many people, this year’s fundraising has been slower and more difficult. In the end, the generous Microsoft employees and Google employees came to rescue and got us the record donation mentioned above. In their annual October Giving Month campaign, Some volunteers at Microsoft spent a lot of time and energy to spread words to their colleagues via email, WeChat, and other means and encourage their colleagues to support us. We got $69K donation during this campaign almost tripling the number from last year.  Google has its annual Google credit event (Nov.9-21) to give $400 to its employees to support their favorite charities. A few supporters used their own donation to create `campaign to support HEF’ (matching others’ donation)---which is a big success.  In addition, we also asked our supporters to encourage their friends in Google to donate their credits to HEF. We raised just about $90K donation from this event in US (over $86K) and Google over the world. We specially thank both Microsoft and Google employees for their support. We also raised about $10K ($9305 plus my $1000 match) donation from Facebook’s Giving Tuesday event on Dec. 2, which will arrive in January 2021.
  4. I could not go back to China to visit students this summer.  Our volunteers continued to do excellent work to visit some of the new college students at their homes, have a meeting with new college students to talk about college study and lives and about our program, collect and sort out whom to support among these new college students, … During the Fall, they have done outstanding job in updating existing students’ files and sorting out new applicants’ files. We also reassign sponsors’ supported students when some of these students don’t need our support anymore

Please be assured again that all your donation goes to the needy students 100 percent! It makes real difference to them and is an inspiration to them too.


Summary of 2019

  1. We sent $200K (1,360,344 Yuan RMB) to our partner Zhong Mei Ai Xin to support poor students. Together with Zhong Mei Ai Xin, we support just over 1400 poor students with 1,702,000 Yuan RMB. These include 265  college students(we supported them through high school and then college). We raised the standard support for an elementary school student from 600 to 800 CNY.
  2. This year have received  $234612  with about 1701 generous donation. In addition, Dr. Yang raised 123K CNY with 95 generous RMB donation.
  3. During June 27-30, Mr. Hu (founder of Zhong Mei Ai Xin) and I visited Gansu Huining’s 1st and 2nd high school, talked with their coordinators, school leaders, and most importantly the poor students we supported at their schools. On Saturday, June 29, the local volunteer Mr. Ma drove us to visit some of the students’ homes. Wow, the rural area is huge and mountainous with few people and very dry land.  It took us 95 minutes to get to the first family from the capital city of Huining county, and another 2 hours to get to the 2nd family.  The student in the 2nd family used to walk 6 miles each way to go to middle school. Please check
    for my visit there.  This visit was eye opening to me and my wife (who went with me). We also did some cool sightseeing in nearby Tian Shui and Nan Zhou. We paid for all the expense ourselves.
  4. During June 1-July 7, I visited my hometown Anhui Ningguo.  On July 3, we had a meeting with about 90 high school graduates (who will go to college)  where a college student shared her experience in college, I gave them some advice on college life and college study (don’t waste the first semester, work hard, and get part time job, ..) and answer their questions. Zhong Mei Ai Xin told them rules and basics about the charity and so on. It has been very helpful to have these students started on right foot in college from past experience.  One July 4,  I, together with volunteers, visited 6 poor students at their homes. Most are middle school students and one is a high school graduate.  See here for the visits.
On July 5, I visited two local high schools and talked with school leaders about our collaboration. At the Vocation High School, I also met with a few high school students, chatted with them, and encourage them not to give up, and to work hard.

5. 42 college students graduated, 7 went to graduate school, 3 will try again, 3 did not find jobs until end of August. The rest (29) has started with a good job.  One of them, ,  we supported since first grade (her father has been often sick and her mother was disabled both physically and mentally) decided to have a job locally plus another part time online work to support her parents. It is amazing and uplifting to see her go this far!!!

6. About 130 supported students graduated and about 100 went to college. We continue to support about 80+ of them.  In addition, there are close to 100 students voluntarily left the program this year mainly because their family situation has got better or their family moved outside of our support area.

7. This year, Microsoft’s Annual Giving Month campaign continues to get better for us, thanks to help of a lot of local  volunteers (Bo Wu, Xudong Guan, Qian Zhang, and  Yiling Yang, to name a few). We will get about $50K donation and matching in October and November from them. 

8.  I visited Microsoft and Google at Seattle in middle October and gave a talk about `raising kids and raising hope’ at both places. There were about 130-150 in attendance at Google event (lunch time). It was well received. The host mentioned the charity. I hope that it could inspire some of them to make donation to the Hometown Education Foundation.

9. We did fundraising at the `Giving Tuesday’ at Facebook
We raised over $11K with this event.

10. This charity works smoothly mainly because we have hard working volunteers and college student volunteers.  A lot of college students we supported come back during summer break, National Day week (Oct 1 week),and winter break to help us sorting out and checking materials. At each school we serve, there is at least one coordinator teacher, working with other teachers, to make sure that the money goes to students in real need. …



Summary of HEF2018 Work

  1. We sent to `Zhong Mei Ai Xin’ $180K (or 1161207.2 CNY) this year. Together with donation in China, we are able to support 1376 poor students, including, 201 college students, 376 high school students, 342 middle school students, and 447 elementary school kids in five counties (4 provinces).
  2. Among 21 college graduates we supported this year, 7 continued their graduate study, including one in Stanford PhD program with full scholarship,  one in Ren Ming University and one in Xian Jiao Tong U. The other 14 all found good jobs! Your donation has made real difference to them.
  3. Among 120 high school students we supported, about 100 went to college (including 3 year college) for their college study. We continue to support 80 of them, based on their financial need---they need to reapply.
  4. We expect to receive  a little over $210K generous donation in US from about 1538 donations. Dr. Yang also raised about 140K CNY donation via WeChat, Bank Transfer, and Cash in China and around the world.
  5. We had a very successful fund raising event at Facebook’s #GivingTuesday (Nov. 27), raising $14554 donation.
  6. We also had a successful fundraising week at Google, thanks to effort of Li Wei and Li Yeqin (and others), we received close to $20K generous donation and Google Matching during the first part of December (and end of November)---we will receive it next January.
  7. We continue to do better and really well at Microsoft’s Annual Giving Month Campaign (October) with effort of Wu Bo, Helen Huang, and a lot of other previous donors. We received about  $60K generous donation  this year, most in October and November.
  8. Dr. Yang visited some poor students’ family, and talked with about 100 high school students in Ningguo in July.  He encouraged them to continue working hard and improve themselves.


Summary of HEF 2017 Work

  1. We distributed $170K to our partner Ningguo City Zhong Mei Ai Xin (1162881Yuan RMB) to support poor students in rural China. Together with our partner, we support 1356 poor students in 2017-18 using this fund and fund raised by Zhong Mei Ai Xin. Here is the distribution:


Type of Schools

#of Students

Financial Aid


Elementary School


274000 CNY


Middle School


289400 CNY


High School


488800 CNY




363180 CNY

Freshmen: 65



1415380 CNY

About $215430

  1. During Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 of 2017, we raised  $197266 for the program. In addition, Dr. Yang also raised 68895 Yuan RMB via WeChat and other means directly for our partner Zhong Mei Ai Xin.
  2. We applied successfully to be part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), and our CFC number is 82072. It costs us $770 application fee. We have tried to get more exposure to federal employees via friends and donors and participating in some of the CFC events near Madison, WI. We applied for renewal  for next year’s CFC.  We will evaluate after two years to see whether it is worth the effort.
  3. We applied also to become part of the `Partner in Giving’---a program for WI state employees to make donation to charity, but was not successful due to lack of one document (registering WI as a charity instead of `Non-Stock’ non-profit organization). We have done it and will apply again for next year’s `Partner in Giving’ campaign. We have more confidence on this one’s pay off as Prof. Tonghai Yang and quite a few donors are WI State Employees and will have more connection with WI State employees.
  4. Bo Wu has led the fundraising effort at Microsoft again during 2017 starting with Chinese New Year, various other events, and  the most important `annual October Giving Campaign Month’. It has been very successful and raised over $40K (including Microsoft’s gift matching) for the year, and over $30K alone for October and November contribution/matching.  We hope to get more volunteers to help us at Microsoft in 2018.
  5. A challenge and opportunity to have similar effort at other big high tech companies where the company has a matching program and there are a lot of Chinese employees. It is a challenge as none has analogue of Microsoft’s `Giving Campaign Month’.  We started to have a few donations from Google employees, we hope to get them volunteer for us and help us get more exposure to Google employees and give us inside track on opportunities there. We have recruited two volunteers recently.  We also have a couple of volunteers at Facebook to help us advertise at Facebook using their credit. What about Amazon, Apple, and Oracle, ..? Any suggestion and lead on these and other big companies?
  6. Dr. Yang went to Ningguo in late June to early July to visit some of the poor students at their homes (, to meet and talk with 2017 high school graduates who might go to college. Both were well received and beneficial to both students and the charity.  He and some experienced college students gave advice to these high school graduates about college study and college life, prepare them for their adaption to college life. Letters indicate that this meeting is very useful---freshmen from Ningguo seem to have easier time to adapt college study than those from other areas we supported.  Dr. Yang was also invited to give a talk about the charity program to about 150 persons at a local company and got quite a bit exposure in local media. It helps the charity get some local donation.
  7. We expanded our service this year to Yi Yang County, Jiangxi Province, to support 30 elementary and middle school students, with help of Prof. Guanming Shi and volunteers at Yi Yang.
  8. Anna Zhang, a high school student at Middle High School (WI), and her classmates had a very successful fundraising event in March, 2017 and raised over $3000 for the Hometown Education Foundation.
  9.  Dr. Yang started to use `WeChat’ to raise fund in China and in RMB for the Zhong Mei Ai Xin in summer 2017. By the end of 2017, he has raised close to 70K Yuan RMB (CNY).


Summary of 2016

  1. Together with our partner `Zhong Mei Ai Xin’, we are able to support 1203 poor students in four counties (3 provinces) of China---Ninnguo county/city and Jingzhai County, Anhui, Yushe County, Shanxi, and the newly started Huining, Gansu, with 122 wan RMB (about $200K). We contributed $145K to this effort (up from last year’s $100K).  Last year, we supported 1025 poor students.
  2. Thanks a lot to your trust, support, and help, we are able to raise $179606 with 1231 generous donation, up from last year’s  $165569 with 898 generous donation. There are now 31 generous donator doing month donation.
  3. With hard work by our main new volunteer Xiao Ma and two volunteer teachers at the first and second high schools in Huining, Gansu, we are able to expand our service to Huining, Gansu this year.
  4. With help of CPA Ms. Peiling Fan, we are applying for a program to get us into the Combined Federal Contribution list. Hopefully, we will be successful. We will need your help to get it known to Federal Government Employees if we are successful. We are also now to trying to apply to get into WI Combined Contribution List next year.
  5. College students and some college graduates we supported before come back during winter break, summer break, and National Day to volunteer and help us sorting out applications, and letters, and tell new college students their college experiences. Our supported college students also volunteer in college to help others in their own way.  They work very hard, and several of them earned the prestigious National Achievement Awards! More former students come back to support us with generous donation.
  6. As usual, I visited some of the students at their homes during my summer visit. Here is the link to one of my visits (click links there to see my other visits).
  7. Mr. Hu (the main person in charge of our operation in China) and Mr. Peng went to Jingzhai Anhui and Yushe Shanxi to distribute the financial aid, check on the service there, and also talk to the poor students about this program, encourage them to work hard and also appreciate the support.
  8. In October, Bu Wu, his friends, and other volunteers/supporters have run a successful promotion month for the Hometown Education Foundation and raised over $30K donation for October and November alone. Thank you all for your support and promotion.


Summary of 2015

1. We are able to support 1025 poor students, including 101 college students during 2015-16, the first time to support more than 1000 students and over 100 college students with total about 900 Yuan RMB donation ($100K from Hometown Education Foundation and the rest from donation in China). This is 12th year of our program (the first one is 2004-05 after a few months preparation starting at Chinese New Year 2004).

2. This year (January to December 2015), we (HEF) have received record breaking 895 generous donations total $165488, up from last year’s 543 donation of  total $102566—a huge jump. There are 19 monthly donations. Thank you all for your generous support and trust.

3. Special thanks to the Microsoft’s volunteers and donors for their amazing generosity both in terms of donation and volunteering their time to help us spread words to their colleagues. In their October Giving Month campaign alone, we have received $30K generous donation (with Microsoft’s match-up), doubled last year’s donation. Microsoft changed their charity distribution system this year.  In the end, we received both year’s donation (in November and December) and last year’s donation (February), which is one reason for a big jump of this year’s donation.

4. Special thanks to all volunteers, including college students who volunteer to help us sorting out letters and files, teachers who volunteer their time and energy to make sure that all files are accurate and all donation goes to the needy students 100 percent, volunteers who help us translate letters, volunteers who help us spread words to their friends and colleagues, and those who help us in other ways. Only with all these voluntary work to make sure that everything goes smoothly and as intended, we can earn donors’ trust and support.

5. Your donation has been an inspiration to the poor students, in addition to helping them financially. This has reflected on college students very clearly (Chinese students, especially in areas we serve, can NOT do anything except studying and studying before college). They volunteer much more than regular students. They help us during their summer break, winter break, and National Day break. They volunteer in school, squeezing time to help local elementary school and middle school students, and students in special need.

6. I (Tonghai Yang) visited poor students at their homes in June (see and also had a meeting with high school graduates who will go to college in June to give them some advice about college life.  Mr. Hu Jining visited or called all college bound high school graduates to check whether they still need financial aid. I was also very happy for being able to convince a high school graduate to go to college with help of another volunteer. She had worked extremely hard for getting into college but was worried a lot about her sick father and disabled mother.  

7.  Thanks a lot for your generous support, we are finally able to increase our support of a poor middle school student from annual 600 Yuan to 800 Yuan RMB, long overdue.

Summary of 2014

1.     We are able to support 888 poor students in 2014-15, up from last
year’s 757, joint with Ningguo City Zhong Mei Ai Xin. These students are
from three counties and include 72 college students, 245 high school
students, 242 middle school students, and 329 elementary school students.
The total cost is 7113000 Yuan RMB, about $118000. Our contribution is $80K.

2.     We have received $102575 from 544 generous donations in US, Canada,
Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Europe.  In addition, we also received about 40000
RMB donation in China from Dr. Yang’s effort.

3.     Dr. Yang visited poor students 4 times in 2014, one during Chinese
New Year, 3 during summer.  He and Mr. Hu went to Shanxi Province, Yushe
County to visit the poor students in July on their own expense. Mr. Hu took
night train to save money.  We talked with students and volunteers at
school, and then visited 14 families at their homes. We were impressed by
the efforts of the students’ family and themselves made to make sure that
the students had a good education. The visits are recorded in

and links there.

4.     In late August, we also had a meeting with college bound students as
in previous years, and asked the experienced students to give advice to new
college students. It helps the new students a lot in adapting to college

 5. *Jie Ling, Shawn Wu, Bo Wu, Chao Li, Bolin Ding, Dang Ke and many
others at Microsoft, with Jie leading the way, ran a successful fundraising
effort at Microsoft’s Giving Campaign month (October, 2014) to raise more
than $10K for us---the donation will arrive next year. Thank you all for
your generous support.*

Summary of 2013

1. We supported 757 poor students this academic year, up from last year's 718. We raised the amount of the support for high school students from 1000 Yuan RMB ($150+) to 1200 Yuan RMB ($200). This raise is long overdue as the high school expense has skyrocketed.

2. We have received $70163 donation this year after reaching $60K last year. This is in addition to  about $11K Microsoft employee payroll deduction donation/MS match-up in October which will arrive to us after new year.

3. The inspiration of your support has more and more clearly reflected on the students we supported. Weiyong Chen (2nd year college student) went to an extremely rural area to volunteer for 3 weeks and sponsored a student in the end. Another student gave up his support and sponsored a student this year with his mom as his father died of cancer after 3 years of struggle and his mom found a job last Fall. He got free college tuition from  a Beijing Agriculture University. About 15 students voluntarily gave up our support as their family situation got improved.  Almost all college students we supported before take part in some volunteering work in college, and a lot helped us during winter break.

4. Your support also inspires more and more local people to support the poor kids through our partner Zhong Mei Ai Xin. This is really positive and reflects on their trust on us.

5. Victor and his son George went to Ningguo Aug. 4-5 (very hot) to visit 4 poor students the family sponsored. Mei and her two kids squeeze sometime in her very tight schedule to visit their sponsored student at Jingzhai. All are very impressive and inspirational, not only to the poor kids but also to local people who met them or  heard about them.

6. I visited about 20 students in three schools last June at their homes and met with college bound students in August to give them some advice. Some college students also came to share their experiences and gave practical advice. This is the third year we did this. We will continue this practice.

7. 12 UW-Madison students went to three rural middle school in Ningguo to volunteer for 10 days, telling the students about US and big city life, and college life while teaching them interesting English. A local college student also joined them and helped some of them get around.  This was the 4th year of this program. Very well received locally. The UW students also benefited a lot from this experience.

It is already long. Let me just stop here. Please check on our website for more. Thank you all again for your generous support, help, and patience. If you have not done so this year, please consider supporting us before the end of this year to get tax deduction this year. You can send your donation to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717

or online at using Paypal.


Summary of 2012

1. We receved $60361 generous donation this year from 300 donation---the first time our annual donation reaches $60000.

2. Together with our partner Ningguo City Zhong Mei Ai Xin (, we support 718 needy students this academic year, from 3 different counties, including 59 college students, 129 high school students in Ningguo, Anhui, 46 high school students in Yushe, Shanxi, 10 high school students in Jinzhai, Anhui, 216 middle school students in Ningguo, Anhui, and 258 elementary school students in Ningguo, Anhui.

3. We extended our work to the third county Jingzhai County, Anhui province thanks to your support and effort of Mr. Hu Jining, our main volunteer in Ningguo, Anhui.

4. During summer 2012, Dr. Tonghai Yang also raised 29800 yuan RMB from individuals and 100000 yuan RMB from a local Ningguo bank for our partner Ningguo City Zhong Mei Ai Xin.

5. Dr. Yang visited some needy families my July visit to Ningguo and also talked with college bound high school students we supported. Please check


6. Thanks to continued sponsorship from sponsors, we support 59 college students this year, 3 from Yushe, Shanxi, 54 from Ningguo, Anhui, and 2 from Shaanxi. In addition, we help some of them get support from Badhi Education FOundation. One student Sun Ting got into the presitigious Beijing Normal University and is partially supported by Xie Yu Education Foundation.

7. Seven college students in US went to Ningguo County rural area middle school students to volunteer for a week, 3rd year of this joint acitivity organized by UW-Madison Chinese Undergraduate Association. Quite successful each year.

Summary of Year 2011:

1: We have received $58256 generous donation BY December 31, ---the first time our annual donation reaches $50000. In addition, we have just won $25000 grant from Chase Community Giving Program with 1684 votes on facebook (#34 over all).

2. We are able to support (together with our partner Ningguo Zhong Mei Ai Xin) 697 students this year, including 263 elementary school students (Anhui), 240 middle school students (Anhui), 120 high school students (Anhui) and 40 high school student (Shanxi), and 34 college students (Anhui). The college students (partially supported) were supported by people who have sponsored for several years. Your generous support have made a big difference to these kids! The total expense for this effort is about $62000 (402400 yuan, in Anhui)+ $5000 (Shanxi)=$67000. We supported Anhui students with $45000 and Shanxi students with $5000. The total $50,000 is basically the total donation we received in 2010.

3. With 1684 votes of our supporters (#34 in the ranking) on facebook, we won $25000 grant from Chase Community Giving. We are in the process of receiving the grant.

4. We started to use causemunity to raise fund for the poor kids by encouraging our supporters to shop through our website (left), mostly when shopping at,,, iTune, etc. late in 2010. It started to pick it up this year. We earned about 3% of the proceed if you click (and others ) from our website to do your shopping---very simple and free. Please try it and spread the words. We earned over $400 so far---enough to help 5 middle school kids!

5. I visited my hometown Ningguo twice last summer. I visited some students in June at their homes and others in their schools. Please check

for my visit. In July, I met with about thirty students, their parents, and teachers at Ningguo City. I chated with them all. They all appreciated your generous support very much.

6. Quite a few high school students we supported went to college this year, including 16 gone to the first and second class universities---big achievement for them. This is also first year that we support more than just a couple of college students. This could happen mainly because a group of Nanjing sponsors decided to continue to support the college students they sponsored. One college student Liming Yan (sponsored by Prof. Li) became a graduate student at Zhejiang University (one of the most famous universities in China) this Fall.


Summary of Year 2010:

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1. Thank you all very much for your generous support of the Hometown Education Foundation. We have received 201 donations of total $48237 this year, up from last year's $39212. December is especially a heart warming month with a record of $14093 donation from 40 generous donors, including two anonyous donations of $2500 and $5000 respectively. This year, we have received multiple monthly donation and quite a few generous donations from Europe. Some of our generous donors went back to China and continue to support us through our partner Zhong Mei Ai Xin.

2. Together with our partner Ningguo Zhong Mei Ai Xin, we are able to support 634 needy students in Ningguo City (county) during 2010-11, including 107 high school students (10-12th graders), 258 middle school students (7-9th graders), 258 elementary school students (1st-6th graders), and 11 college students (donors' requests). We are also able to support 33 needy high school students in Yushe County High School, Shangxi Province.

3. Mr. Alec Johnson, a graduate student at UW-Madison, went to Ningguo in June to visit six students he sponsored and others. It was quite an event in Ningguo, and a lot of people were inspired and very impressed by his visit and good deed. Please check

for a brief summary of his visit, and

for a local news report (Chinese).

4. Mr. Wayne Liu, creator of Causemunity, has created a special online shopping webpage

and its widget in our webpage

to benefit the HEF while you shop online. Just first go to our webpage above, and click the online store there, e.g.,, Expedia, Dell, Macy, iTune, or search your favorite store there, it will take you where you want to shop. You shop as usual while we can get about 3% of the proceed for the poor kids. It is really worthy of the one extra click. Please try it out and encourage others to do it for us too. We have already received $34 in last couple of months. Thanks a lot for Wayne and your support.

5. Thanks a lot for using for your online search and for your online shopping to benefit the HEF. We received $227 from Goodsearch for your online search and shopping. Thanks a lot for your support.

6. 11 volunteers from UW-Madison Chinese Undergraduate Students Association went to 3 middle schools in Ningguo during June 8-12 to teach English and introduce US to the students at a more presonal level. They also went to poor students' homes to investigate the situations. Local people were very impressed by their work, and they learned a lot from the experience.

We need your support to continue helping these and other students in similar dire conditions. Please make your donation by writing a check payable to The Hometown Education Foundation (HEF), and send it to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717

or simply use Google Checkout (left) to make an online donation(very simple).

Summary of Year 2009:

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1. Thank you all very much for your generous support. We received $39212.17 this year from about 200 generous donors like you. We received a record $10066 donation in November. We are very happy and grateful with the steady growth of this program (last year we receive about $28400 generous donation). It makes a big difference to the poor kids we are trying to help. We appreciate all your support very very much. Among the most notable and inspiring are an anonymous $5000 donation in November, 85 years old Mrs. Chen's sponsoring a middle school student Yaqin Zhang, and Dr. Xun Jiang's big effort to inform and get his friends to support us.

2. We are able to support 601 needy students (see list here--Chinese) in Ningguo during 2009-10 with about 319100 Yuans (a little more than $46000). We are also able to support 20 high school students in YuShe High School, YuShe County Shanxi Province with $3000. We shift more support to high school students (96 this year comparing to 50 last year in Ningguo). It is much more expensive to have a high school education which is not mandatory. Thank you very much for your generous support.

3. I visited five needy students' families on July 6, 2009, and saw direct impact of your support on these poor kids and their families. They (and the teachers) appreciated your support very much, and your support made real difference to them. Please check here for photos and brief description of their situations. It was a humbe and moving experience to me to see how they deal with such hardship.

4. 12 volunteers from UW-Madison Chinese Undergraduate Students Association went to 3 middle schools in Ningguo during June 8-12 to teach English and introduce US to the students at a more presonal level. They also went to poor students' homes to investigate the situations. Local people were very impressed by their work, and they learned a lot from the experience.

5. Mr. Bingzhi Zhao, an undergraduate at UW-Madison, has spent last summer to redesign the website of Hometown Education Foundation. Thanks a lot to his hard work, we now have a much nicer website.

We need your support to continue helping these and other students in similar dire conditions. Please make your donation by writing a check payable to The Hometown Education Foundation (HEF), and send it to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717

You are welcome to donate through the Google Checkout (left) if you prefer (very simple). All of your donation goes directly to the needy students 100 percent, and is tax deductible.

Summary of the Year 2008

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  1. Thank you very much for your generous support, we received more than $28348 this year in US and our partner in Ningguo received more than $20000 generous donation in China. We sent $24000 to Ningguo last July and we are able to support 600 needy students in Ningguo this year.
  2. Thanks a lot to Mr Yonghong Ren's and his friend Mr. Jianming Wang, a high school teacher at the YuShe County High School of Shan Xi Province, we have just established the second branch in China at this high school. We support 20 needy high school students in this high school (the only high school in the county) with $3000 generous donation from you.
  3. I visited the needy students in Ningguo twice this academic year, both in the Winter Break and Summer Break (click for photos). The needy students and their families appreciate your support very much. It really helped them a lot. Local volunteers did a very good job choosing needy students.
  4. Four students we supported were accepted to college this year. Fang Liu (girl) was accepted to the Beijing University of Science and Technology with very high score of 616 (out of 750). Cun Liu (girl) was accepted to the Shandong Univeristy of Science and Technology. Fei Jin (girl) was accepted to the Tong Ling Insitute (in Anhui), and Shuming Gao (boy) was accepted to the Xin Hua Institute (in Anhui). You can see their photos here.
  5. Chinese Government has made an effort recently to reduce the cost of elementary and middle school education for students by 1/3 for 5-9th graders and about 1/2 for 1-4th graders. Now the students in 1-9th grade don't need pay anything except for books and homework books. In theory, they don't need pay for textbooks. In practice, they have to pay for all kinds of books which are not textbooks in theory but in practice used in classrooms, e.g., homework books, extra exercise books, and books in subjects like biology, geography and so on. Books get more expensive due to inflation. High school students need more than 3000 yuans (about $500) a year for tuition, books, boarding, and other fees, not including food.
  6. We received more than $200 from `GoodSearch' and `GoodShop' by using them for searching and shopping on line. Please use them to help us. It is very simple, and totally free. Please enourage others to use it to help us too.

To help these poor kids and others in similar dire condition, we need your generous support. We hope to have earned your trust with our hard work. Please consider supporting us by sending your generous donation (payable to Hometown Education Foundation) to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717

or using Google Checkout (left) to make an online donation (very simple). Your donation goes to the needy students 100 percent! Please enourage your friends to support us too. Together we do make a difference.

Thanks a lot for your generous support in advance.

Best regards,

Tonghai Yang

Year 2008:

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$28348.71 by December 31st, 2008.

We are able to support 576 needy students (Chinese) in Ningguo during 2008-09 with about $40,000 (284000 Yuans), up from last year's 471 needy students. It includes 50 high school students, 249 middle school students, 290 elementary school students, and one college student who was supported by Professors Li and Liao. For the first time, we are able to support another 20 high school students outside Ningguo County, i.e., at YuShe High School, Shanxi Province thanks to big effort of Mr. Yonghon Ren(a generous donor from the area) and Mr. Jianmin Wang (at the school).

Year 2007:

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$25959 by December 30th, 2007.

We are able to support 471 needy students during 2007-08 thanks to your generous support, up from last year's 390 needy students. In addition, we help about 30 students in a high school get direct support from local bubsiness.

Year 2006:

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$17222.25 by December 31th, 2006.

We are able to support 390 needy students during 2006-07 thanks to your generous support.

Year 2005:

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$12105 by December 28th, 2005.

We are able to support 256 needy students during 2005-06 thanks to your generous support. We need your support to continue helping these and other students in similar dire conditions.

Year 2004:

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We were able to support 223 needy students during 2004-05 thanks to your generous support.

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