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A Brief History

The Hometown Education Foundation (HEF) is a charitable organization, established by Tonghai Yang , to financially help the poorest students of Ningguo county and allow them to continue their elementary to high school education. All donations are tax deductible in the United States and go directly to help the needy students as all overhead expenses will be paid for by Dr. Yang. We will send you a receipt for tax purposes. HEF is run entirely by a group of volunteers willing to dedicate their time to the organization for the benefit of the needy children of Ningguo County.

The founder and director, Dr. Tonghai Yang, is a full professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and was born in Bao Mei Village, Ningguo County, Anhui Province, China in 1963. He was a middle school teacher for more than three years at Ningguo County from Jan. 1981 to July 1984. He was heartbroken to hear that the poorest students dropped out of school due to extreme financial difficulty, sometimes resulting from family tragedy. He established HEF to seek your donations to help the needy students in his hometown to finish the most basic education we take for granted. Details.

There were also articles in printing media about this charity organization: Media Recognition.

Staff (all volunteers)

Director: Dr. Tonghai Yang, Professor of Mathematics at UW-Madison.

Financial Officer: Chi Li working at Compuware Corp., Madison.

Webmaster: Bingzhi Zhao, PhD student at Duke U.

Secretary: Dr. Tonghai Yang

Bo Wu: Microsoft Coordinator

A lot of volunteer tranlators and other volunteers.

Board of Trustee Members (all volunteers):

Bo Wu, Microsoft.

Lialian Wu, Former PhD student at UW-Madison,

Dr. Shuanglin Chen, Vice President, CompuTherm, LLC. WI

Yonghong Ren, Broadband Company, MA

Mr. Chi Li, Chair of the trustees.

Dr. Tonghai Yang.

Partners (all volunteers)

Here are two main persons in our partner charity---Ningguo Sino-US Education Association (NSUSEA)

Mr. Jining Hu, the founder and director of NSUSEA in charge of the daily operations in Ningguo, is an administrator at the Department of Education in Ningguo. He has observed the hardships the children have had to endure while he was working both as a middle school teacher and, later, a high school teacher. He decides with a committee of other volunteers how much financial aid can allocate to each individual child, depending of course on your donations. He reports and discusses the results with Dr. Yang before making any final decisions. He and other volunteers of NSUSEA in China, also dedicate time to raise money in China.

Mr. Jianjun Shen, the treasurer of the NSUSEA in Ningguo. He has a undergraduate degree on accounting, and works as an adminstrator at the Department of Education in Ninnguo.

Mr. Jianming Wang, a vice principle of YuShe High School, in YuShe County, Shanxi Province. He is responsible for our local action at the high school, including collecting information and deciding who to support. He was a friend of our generous donor Mr. Yonghong Ren.

In summary, we appreciate any donation you contribute to this small and very useful charity; we will work hard to make sure that your contributions are used in the most effecicient manner to help the most children possible. Your contribution will make a big impact on young lives, for example a mere $80 dollars can help an elementary student for an entire year, $100 can help a middle school student for an entire year, and $200 can help a high school student for an entire year.

Please make your donation by writing a check payable to The Hometown Education Foundation (HEF), and send it to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717

or simply use Paypal/Credit Card (left)to make an online donation (very simple).

If you prefer personal contact, we can make arrangements for you to sponsor one or more students. We hope this will bring you even more personal satisfaction by seeing, first hand, how much of a difference your contribution makes. It costs you

$80 to sponsor an elementary school student for a year,

$100 to sponsor a middle school student for a year, and

$200 to sponsor a high school student for a year.

Here is how it works. You choose one (or more) needy student to sponsor for a year or more, and send the donation to HEF. We will give the money to the sponsored student and inform him/her of your support. We will report his/her progress to you. If you like, you are more than welcome to be in direct contact with him/her.

Again your help is greatly appreciated and will make a huge impact on the needy young lives. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at thyang63@gmail.com or (608) 770-3229.

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