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Winter 2008

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A photo of Yuting YangYuting Yang was a 9th graderin 2008-09. She was born in 1993. His father died long time ago, and she lives with her mother. She has been sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Adem since 2004.
A photo of Yunjie LinYunjie Lin is a 9th grader in 2008-09. She was born in 1993. She suffers from diabetes. Her mother is not able to work because of rheumatism. She has been sponsored by Xiaofang Sun Yingchun Xu since 2004.
a photo of Yangli ChengYangli Cheng is a 9th grader in 2008-09. Her father died and her mother left. She live with her grandparents. She was born in 1994. She is excellent in school. She has been sponsored by Jasmine Yan since 2006.
a photo of Yinghao XuYinghao Xu is a 9th grader in 2008-09. He was born in 1993. His mother died of disease in 2001 and left the family $2500 debt.
a photo of Baofeng Zhu, Linjin Shi, Wei Zhu, two volunteers and one teacherBaofeng Zhu(left) is a 6th grader in 2008-09.  Her mother is handicapped. Her father is weak.  She is excellent in school.  She has been sponsored by  Yi  Yang & Chong Chen since 2007.

Linjin Shi (middle) is a third grade in 2008-09.  His father died of car accident, and her mother died of disease. He lives with his aging grandma and depends on his uncle's limited help for living.  He has been sponsored by Mr. Guoyi Xu since 2006.

Wei Zhu(right) is a 4th grader in 2008-09. Her father is sick and can not work at all. Her brother is at high school. Her mother does odd jobs to support the family. She is studying hard at school. She has been sponsored by Brian Lu since 2007. 

 Among the top three, two are volunteers and one (right) is a teacher.
Jining Hu and the studentsMost students in Zhong Xi Elementary School supported by us in 2008-09, and their caregivers.
The left most is Mr. Jining Hu who is in charge of the operation in Ningguo. He works extremely hard to make sure that everything is right and works long hours all for free. He is an amazing person.

Summer 2008

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A photo of Zheng Chen, Zheng Chen's families when Professor Yang visits their home.Zheng Chen is a 8th grader during 08-09. He was born in 1994. He lives with his father, who is mentally ill and needs medicine to control his mood. His mother left and remarried. His family has no income, and he often does not have breakfast like the day we visited him. His grandparents (in photo) live nearby and help him a little from time to time. He behaves well in school and is so-so in terms of study.
Zheng Chen's Home Zheng Chen's Home (his grandparents at door)
a photo of Hui Yu and Professor YangHui Yu is a 8th grader during 08-09. She was born in 1994. She lives with her parents. Her father has had two surgeries and can not do heavy work. Her mother has stomach problem and is slightly retarded. They depend solely on the farm income of about 2000 yuans ($300) a year, plus a little subsidy from the government. She is quite helpful at home to her parents, and works hard in school. She is above average in study.
The paved road that Hui Yu needs to walk everyday to schoolHui Yu's Home (a remote area we had to walk at least  half a mile, 3 miles from a paved road)
A photo of TongLi and Professor YangTong Li is a 8th grader during 08-09. He was also born in 1994. He lives with his aging grandparents, and his grandma is blind. His father died in 1995. His mother remarried his uncle and have their own family with a baby girl of 7 month old. His mother and stepfather (uncle) help him a little financially but they have also limitted income. He was also very unlucky in last few years with two life threating accidents. Once he fell down from the attic and last year got hit by a motorcycle. He still had headache during raining days. He likes sports and politics in school. He helps his grandparents at home. He behaves well both in school and at home and is so-so in terms of study,
Tong Li's homeTong Li's home (his grandfather and his step-father)
A photo of Yaqin Zhang and her families with Professor YangYaqin Zhang is also a 8th grader during 08-09. She was born in 1994. She lives with her aged grandparents of 80s. Her father died in 1998. Her mother remarried and left. The family depends on her grandpa's retirement pension. She is excellent in school. She likes sports, English, singing and dancing.
A photo of four of the high school students that were accepted by college, with their teachersFour high school students we supported were accepted to college this year. Fang Liu (the girl in middle of the front row) was accepted to the Beijing University of Science and Technology with very high score of 616 (out of 750). Cun Liu (girl, first from right) was accepted to the Shandong Univeristy of Science and Technology. Fei Jin (girl, first from left) was accepted to the Tong Ling Insitute (in Anhui), and Shuming Gao (boy, 2nd from right) was accepted to the Xin Hua Institute. Shuming was sponsored by Shi Li and his wife. We gave them 500 yuans (about $70) to each of them as a small gift to help them with their start of the college life and award to their hard work during all these difficult years. Limin Yan, the 2nd girl from left was accepted to college last year and is continued supported by Professors Jian-Shu Li and ...
a photo of Shuming gao and Limin YanBoth Shuming Gao and Limin Yan worked as tutors of high school students to earn some money for their college life. Others worked at home to help their families, and found some other ways to earn some money for their college life. They appreciate all your support very much.
a photo of Jining Hu, Shuming Gao and Professor YangMr. Jining Hu and I met with Shuming Gao at a local Ping Pong club (I was playing) after Shuming finished tutoring students about his future plan and college life. I offered some tips on college life and how to try to get financial support in college. He will mainly take government loans for his college tuition, and try to work part time to pay for his living expense
Hui Yu's Parents Hui Yu's  Parents (left two)
Hui Yu's home Hui Yu's Home III
A photo of MeiLin Middle SchoolMeiLin Middle School  (all four students we visited attend this school)
A photo of a small newly built roadNewly built road in Mei Lin, the place we visited.
Nice view in the countrysideNice View in the countryside.