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These are 26 high school students in Yu Zhe High School (Shanxi Province) supported by us during 2009-10.
A photo of Zhu-BaofengA photo of Zhu-BaofengBaofeng Zhu was born in 1996 and will be in middle school in Fall 2009. Her mother is handicapped as you can see. Without the stick, she can not walk. Her father was found to have serious stomach problem in summer 2008. The family is very poor. In addition, she lives in `wrong’ side of a local river, which does not have a stable bridge. So in small rain, she has to walk through the river to get to other side. In heavy rain, she has to to stay home. Next Fall, she will stay in middle school for the week, which might be better for her study. She works hard at home to help her parents and work hard in school to catch up her study. She has been sponsored by Yi Yang & Chong Chen since 2007.
A photo of shilinjingA photo of shilinjingA photo of Yunjie Lin Shi Linjing was born in 2000 and will be in 4th grade in Fall 2009. Hise mother died when he was only 2 months old, and his father died of car accident when he was 6. He lives with his handicapped grandma of over 60 (one hand has only 3 fingers while the other wrist was swollen due to a bone fracture. He biked 2 miles to school normally but took longer road in rainy days (5 miles). He likes Math, and really likes to study. He is very cute. His goal is to find a good job to support his grandma. He helps to pick tea leaves to make a little money during harvest season and helps his grandma doing chores. He has been sponsored by Guoyi Xu since 2006. Luckily, a new private school in Ningguo agreed very kindly to take him totally free until his graduation from middle school (9th grade) at our recommendation, starting this Fall, including food and boarding.
a photo of zhu weia photo of Yangli ChengWei Zhu (C07075)was born in 1998 and will be in 5th grade in Fall 2009. She lives with her parents and older brother(senior in high school). Her father has liver problem. She has ….. Everytime the disease starts, her went down and the whole body was shaken uncontrolly for about one hour, which was terrifying according her principle who had witnessed it several times. She likes computer information class although she does not have one at home. She will go to the central elementary shool of Zhong Xi and stay there for the week. She was sponsored by Brian Lu since 2008. On the left were here parents, and on the right was her principle.
a photo of Zhu weiYinhou Xu was born in 1993 and will be in high school in Fall 2009. He lives with his grandpa of over 80 and his father who is often sick. His mother died of cancer when he was in 2nd grade. He likes chemstry and sports and just wants to have a good job to support his family when he grows up.
a photo of Cheng yangliYangli Cheng was born in 1994 and will be in a vacational high school in Fall 2009, studying accounting. Her father died of accident and her mother remarried and left. She lives with her grandparents. She likes math. She has been sponsored by Jasmine Yan, a high girl in New Jersey

We are very happy to report that five high school students we supported were accepted to top to very good universities. They are (from right to left) Yuantao Liu(Anhui Univ., sponsored by Hua Liu and Feng Li), Zhao Wang (Southeast U. at Nanjing, sponsored by Ms Hu), Xiang Gao (), Zeting Cheng (sponsored by James Chiu, Hangzhou Normal Univ.), and Shuang Yang( not in the photo, Anhui Univ.). The one at the left (with 4000 yuans) is Limin Yan, now in 3yr of her college life. Profs. Li and Liao have sponsored her since her high school years and will continue to support her until her graduation. The 4000 yuans were their donation. They all appreciate your generous support very much. Your support is also an inspiration to them, they told me.

Shuang Yang's parents are both handicapped, and her mother is often sick and the family are in debt. She lives in a very rural area and is very conscious of her family's situation. Only when she was admitted to Ningguo High School, her family had no way to pay for it, she asked for help. We supported her through her high school years. It is also amazing to see her get accepted to a top univeristy while she was admitted to Ningguo High School barely (bottom of the class according the testing score). Her father told us that the support was a big inspiration to her.

Xiang Guo lost his parents and lives with his aging grandparents (in a very rural area). He is the only one not in Ningguo High School (the best in Ningguo) among the five. The school waived his tuition. We supported him since his middle school years.

Zhao Wang lost her mother at very early age, and lives with her aging grandparents of 70's and his farmer father(also in a very rural area). Ms Hu has sponsored her through her high school years.

Yuantao lost his mother too and his father is phyically weak. He also lives in a very rural area (same area as Zhao Wang, incidently). Hua Liu and Feng Li have sponsored him since his middle school years.

Zeting's father was seriously sick (is better now,still not able to do heavy work).  All depend on her mother. Her brother is in middle school.  Her grandma is old and sometimes sick. Her uncle is handicapped. She lives close to the city. A university girl Feifei Gong sponsored her in her middle school years and James Chiu sponsored her through her high school years.