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On Saturday June 29, volunteers and I visited 6 high schoolgraduatets at their homes.This is the first time I visited Huining. It was a surprise that their high school students have classes on Saturday and Sunday morning so we did not get a chance to visit non graduates' homes. We did meet with them on Friday. We started at 7am and finished at Huinig around 5pm .It isamazing and surprising (to me) to see how big and beautiful the mountains are. It was not an easy drive, most time we are on road.We started with a student who has a very nice apartment withher grandma at the city thanks to government's generous policy to replace an old crapy farmer house with a new modern apartment when they need the land (and adding some money compesentation). Then drove about 90 minutes mountainous road to the 2nd student's home. Her grandparents were waiting for us with nice food for lunch. This is the first time in my 15 years experience to have lunch at a student's home. We don't like to bother them. This family is simply too nice to refuse. After early lunch, we drove two more hours (without meeting one car) to reach the third poor student's family. Then we drove about one hour back to city to visit 3 more students at their homes. The last one is at a rented room with his mom. We originally planned to take them to see his own home in countryside but it would take another 90 minutes (one way), it was almost 5pm so we gave up.

Huining High School Graduates Home Visit
This girl (Liang) lives with her grandparents. Her mother left and remarried when she was 1 and her father left andremarried when she was 2. All depends on her grandpa's retirement salary (long time ago). Despite all the difficulty, she has grown up to a confident girl knowing what she needs to do and does it. She plans to learn computer science on her own during summer to get ahead. She will likely go to Tianjin Instrustrial U to study CS. She also likes designs and drawing. She has been supported by Lu and Zhang.
This girls lives her severely disabled father and aged grandma (with walking difficulty), aged grandpa, and an old brother studying at a professional school in Lanzhou. She needs to walk 90 minutes to go mid-school (7-9th grade). She is quite proactive and positive. She went to Lanzhou to become waitress this summer to earn some money for her college study. She was sponsored by Ma and will be supported by Zhou. The beautiful views were taken on the drive to and from her home.  
This boy lives with her single mom and her 2nd sister who is a college student. His father diedt in 2005, and his mom was injured in a car accident but still tries to find odd jobs to support the family. Her oldest sister is a nurse at another province and has her own family, and also tries her best to give help to them. He got 63 points above 1st layer university minimal point. He is polite and positive, a really good kid. The interview was conducted at his rented room (for study in high school).  

This boy is full of curiosity. He wanted to

read more books a and understand the universityy and

city he will for his college study. He lives with his singple mom,who works at local police department. They live at an apartment subsidized apartment. His father ied in 2004, and he is supported by Wang.

This boy lives with hs father of 70 and

his older borther in 20s but without

jobs. Their apartment was exchanged when their own farm house was needed for commerial development. He is working at restuarant to earn some money for his college study..

This girl lives with her aged grandma at a new apartment (very nicely maintained) exchanged

from old farm house thanks to commercial develpment.

Her parents divorced, and she has had

no connection with her mom anymore. Her was

is in prison. She likes dance.





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